Buy vs. Build: The Perks of Buying a Move-In-Ready Home

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What are the advantages of buying one off the market versus building from scratch? We break them down in this infographic.

One of any family starter’s most meaningful and exciting milestones is the hunt for a new house — whether it’s the family’s first-ever home, or for upsizing to accommodate the growing family’s needs.

Building a home from the ground up seems like every homemaker’s dream, but coupled with all the time and expenses it requires, more growing families are opting for move-in-ready homes. What are the main advantages of buying one off the market versus building one from scratch? We break down the most compelling reasons why buying is an increasingly more practical choice.

Designs are tried and tested

Simply put, thoughtfully designed homes from reputable real estate developers have already gone through all the seals of approval that matter. While mapping out your dream home can seem like a dream DIY project, rounding up your professional contractors, suppliers and permits can take up a huge chunk of your time and energy (not to mention the part where you have to physically supervise the whole process).

Having experienced developers do the work for you lets you do away with that meticulous step, and lets you see actual or model homes so that you get a firsthand feel of your future abode. All that’s left for you to do in order to get started is to find the right real estate developer that genuinely knows your needs.

Mapped out payment terms

With real estate developers offering flexible payment terms that can be stretched over time, you can rest on the assurance that your expenses have been planned out for you, leaving little room for unwanted surprises. This also spares you from having to settle the house and lot payments separately, as developers offer payment options that have already accounted for both. Not to forget the other separate payment schemes needed if you opt to do otherwise: increasing costs incurred during the course of the construction period, overhead expenses in case of inflation or budget allocation trade-off, and the separate payment terms and schedules for all the involved parties you have to pay. Going with a ready-made home lets you look at locked-in costs that you can amply prepare for ahead of time, giving you more financial freedom for your other needs — such as planning for any new family members you might be expecting!

Room to grow

Ironically, one of the limitations of building a house is short-term space planning. To get the most out of your home investment, you would want to choose an option that literally gives you room for future expansion. Most expert developers have ready-made homes with that in mind, so buying doesn’t necessarily limit your choices. On the contrary, it gives you both security and flexibility. Whether you’re thinking about converting rooms or expanding indoor or outdoor spaces as your needs change over time, choosing the right home will let you do just that.

Starting or raising a young family while multi-tasking careers and daily tasks require all the time and resources you can get your hands on, and choosing a ready-made home lets you focus on those essentials. Choose a trusted developer and you’ll gain much more than a house — you’ll also regain time, resources and better control over your plans.

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